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Tessa Fanshawe Fitness - Petersfield, Hampshire

Tessa Fanshawe Fitness, Petersfield, Hampshire

Tessa Fanshawe is a personal trainer that runs female focused training sessions in Petersfield, Hampshire.

Tessa first contacted me to talk about my social media workshops, it was in this call that we chatted about her website not appearing in searches on Google.

We decided that we needed to deal with that problem first and so I set about working on her website to get it appearing on google when ladies were searching for her.

I am delighted to say that in our follow up call this week I was able to confirm to Tessa that she is appearing on the first page of Google! This will help her business massively, but this will not be a one off for Tessa. She is committed to growing her business and we are going to do a series of mini marketing sessions for her. This will keep her business ranking highly on google and get people talking about her on her social channels.

Watch out Instagram Tessa is coming for you!

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