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Social Media Content Planner

£9.00 - Free delivery to the UK.

As a Social Media Consultant my clients are always asking me 'can you recommend a social media planner?' The answer was always no. There are loads of these on the market but none that truly hit the spot in my opinion.... until... I designed my own!

The Hello Social Media A4 planner has 50 tear off pages and will enable you to plan 1 whole years worth of content effectively (with two weeks holiday- everyone needs a break right!!??). It encourages you to think about what you are looking to achieve and create content around those goals. It also has handy reminders and tips to make sure you are ticking ALL of the boxes, everytime you post! This is not just a tear off calendar, this is a game-changer that will supercharge your social media game!

Click the 'buy now' button which will take you through to ebay to complete your transaction.

Social Media Planner
Hello Social Media
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