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Why should I be using Instagram Stories?

Instagram Stories

I could write forever about the benefits of Instagram Stories. They are crazy fun and a really great tool for getting creative with your posts.

There are now over 200 million Instagram Story users, waaaaaaaay more than Snapchat - so that alone says to me that we need to be in on that action.

Although the filters and stickers can feel just like a novelty there is a definite benefit to using them strategically. Here is why:

1. Instagram Stories are Discoverable.

What does that mean? ‘Discoverable’ means that people who don’t follow your profile can see your posts too!

A story lasts for 24 hours, but by the fact that they are discoverable means that it is an amazing opportunity to get new followers and build your brand/business.

2. Adding hashtags to Instagram Stories

Yes, that right you can add hashtags to your IG stories! Hashtags are searchable on IG and hashtagged stories they will appear at the top of that list. Bringing more visitors to your profile. SHAMAZING!! Try it - do a hashtag search and see what pops up!

3. Sharing is caring

You can @tag other users in your IG stories. This makes them feel valued and enhances those relationships, crikey it can even help to start new relationships!

4. Behind the scenes

Show people a snapshot of what is going on day to day within your business. Everyone loves to snoop in and see what is going on, so show them!

5. Let them in...

People buy people, so show them who you are, show them your face, your cat, your desk, your coffee.... you get it! Showing them the real (but slightly filtered ;-) ) you helps them to get to know you, to trust you and the most important bit, it gives them the confidence to buy from you.

The lesson to take from this is, not to be scared of Instagram Stories - just get on it play with it and have fun! Let the real you shine through and you will only enhance your business and your customers will love it!


Hello Social Media provides, social media management, social media training and events management services to businesses in Hampshire and Surrey.

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