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Michael Turner Studios - Marketing Strategy

Last month I took a drive down to the sunny New Forest to visit Michael Turner Studios a UK stainless steel sculptor based in the New Forest.

I spent the day with Jenny working on a digital marketing plan for them to make the most of their website and social channels and of course to build on their incredible reputation. We talked about blogging to increase the traffic to their website and to boost their Google Ranking, Facebook and Facebook advertising and of course everyone's favourite Instagram.

Honestly, the skill and creativity needed to make these steel sculptures blows my mind. Unbelievable.

Here is what Jenny said about me:

'What can I say? Susie has been a real find for our business. In our meeting she showed me how to set out a good marketing strategy for the business, and I had few real 🤯 moments, when she showed me just how easy it was to harness what we needed using the right tools. It has actually had an instant effect on our business, with sales coming in straight away. She simply is a genius! Every Business needs a Susie!'

p.s if anyone wants to buy me a crocodile or stainless steel rose you would be very welcome x

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